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Polina has been with the law firm since September 2015.




  • A student of the specialty “jurisprudence” at the Belarusian State University
  • Graduate of the Law College with a degree in Law (2015)
    Polina is a specialist in the law of the Republic of Belarus.





  • Contracts and foreign trade activities (development of business agreements, consultations)
  • Corporate law (registration of companies)
  • Labor law (drawing up of labor contracts, other documents)


Areas of activity:


  • Industry and trade

Polina Antonenko 

Polina Antonenko

Direct communication:


tel.:+375 (44) 555-74-84





tel.: +375 (44) 555-74-84

e-mail: info@sprava-consulting.by



More than 5 publications in the media and the Internet on topical and problematic issues of law enforcement.