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date of creation

Law Company “SPRAVA Consulting”

obtaining of a license

to carry out activities to provide legal services

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce

the company became a member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce

The School of Young Managers in Public Administration (Sympa)

Head Tweet Alexander Zhuk was trained at the School of Young Managers in Public Administration, (SYMPA), Minsk-Tbilisi-Vilnius

The first Eastern European Internet Forum

Head Tweet Alexander Zhuk took part in the First Regional Internet Freedom Summit, Ohrid, Macedonia

International Forum. Franchising. Belarus-2015

the first public event organization, AV presentation manager Beetle on “Legal aspects of franchising in Republic of Belarus”

Why chose us?

The company employs practitioners with experience of over 15 years. Behind our experts experience of public service and teaching in Belarusian and foreign universities, dozens of publications in reputable journals.

Why chose us?

Privacy, full protection of customer data reliability – our basic principles. Many open business with us and remain at a constant legal service. Clients trust us, because we care about their business, as his.

Why chose us?

Among our customers are many foreign companies and their representative offices. We have stable partnerships with law firms in other countries, that allows us to maintain customer projects and trials in any jurisdiction.