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Industry and trade

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Industry and trade

Mechanical engineering, the tobacco industry, the agricultural industry, the production of electronic equipment, Internet commerce, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, retail, equipment and building materials, the food industry, the automotive industry, the food industry, equipment and building materials.



We offer:

Corporate law and M & A:

  • Corporate structuring
  • Legal assessment of the acquisition and sale of companies / assets
  • Full legal support of mergers and acquisitions

Settlement of Disputes:

  • Conversation
  • International arbitration
  • Execution of arbitration and judicial decisions

Labor law:

  • Audit of personnel records management
  • Development of personnel documentation
  • Consultations on attracting foreign labor
  • Maintenance of labor law compliance checks

Taxes and customs:

  • Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning
  • Consultations on customs regulation
  • Appealing the results of customs inspections, customs disputes



Contracts and foreign trade activities:

  • Distributor agreements, sales contracts and other agreements
  • Consultations on marking, packaging, label of goods
  • Advice on advertising
  • Intellectual property
  • Pre-judicial protection of intellectual property rights
  • Protection of intellectual property rights in the import of goods

Banks, finance, insurance:

  • Financial and currency regulation
  • Direct foreign investments
  • Financing and leasing