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Livestock, farming, plant growing, horticulture, poultry.



We offer:

Corporate law and M & A:

  • Corporate structuring
  • Legal assessment of the acquisition and Sale of companies / assets
  • Full legal support of transactions of mergers and acquisitions

Settlement of Disputes:

  • Conversation
  • International arbitration
  • Execution of arbitration and judicial Solutions

Labor law:

  • Audit of personnel records management
  • Development of personnel documentation
  • Consultations on attracting foreign labor
  • Maintenance of labor law compliance checks

Taxes and customs:

  • Corporate taxation and tax planning
  • Consultations on customs regulation
  • Appealing the results of customs inspections, customs disputes

Contracts and foreign trade activities:

  • Distributor agreements, sales contracts and other agreements
  • Consultations on marking, packaging, label of goods
  • Advice on advertising
  • Intellectual property
  • Pre-judicial protection of intellectual property rights
  • Protection of intellectual property rights in the import of goods

Banks, finance, insurance

  • Financial and currency regulation
  • Direct foreign investments
  • Financing and leasing